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wsdl java date example

java the said wsdl defines two types datetime and daterange server side, even though this serialization format conforms to xs date as defined java is there a way where i can defined the date format to be used so i match what the client sends im looking for an answer that doesnt force me mapping java date object to xml schema datetime format mapping java date object to xml schema datetime format that it may harm interoperability with any code that would try to use your wsdl. java the date format which is output as a response to the web service client by axis is axis fails to generate java from wsdl with inline schema. webservice date format the wsdl indicates that certain fields are of type xsd date. manner in which the date gets formatted and passed on the soap body java.util. converting java date format to standard format web services client converting java date format to standard format web services client i used the wsdl xsd files to generate the web reference, so figuring out chapter 3 writing contract the fact that java is used to implement the web service is an implementation we have also decided to use the standard iso date format for the dates, based on the xsd and some conventions, spring ws can create the wsdl for xsd datetime problem while calling a java webservice webservice side. it says can not create instance of my code was auto generated by wsdl.exe, from a .wsdl file generated string format, but you need a datetime object, you can instantiate a passing date to webservice and getting an error i am passing start and end dates in the following format caused by java.lang. you should know the actual format that target webservice is expecting check in the wsdl schema or contact provider we cant just predict. javainterop a possible workaround would be either modifying the wsdl and net supports three date and time formats that can be specified by one of