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xml schema date time datatypes date and time data types are used for values that contain date and time. the following is an example of a date declaration in a schema lt xs element net if you are manually assembling the xml string use var.touniversaltime . tostring yyyy mm ddthh mm ss.fffffffz that will output the official xml date and time formats this document defines a profile of iso , the international standard for the representation of dates and times. iso describes a large number of date time formats. the international standard for the representation of dates and times is iso . xsd datetime its value space is described as a combination of date and time of day in the basic format of iso calendar datetimes, ccyymmddthhmmss, isnt date vale versus datetime is wsdl file elsewhere in the documentation under data formats it states that the date format that bronto api uses is the soap date time definition of soap date and datetime formats from wsdl and later, zuora treats date fields as date fields and datetime fields as datetime date and time datatypes xml schema the support for date and time datatypes relies entirely on a subset of the iso standard, which is the only format supported by w c xml schema. webservice date format i have used clientgen ant task to generate the client library. the wsdl indicates that certain fields are of type xsd date. how to format a date value in a webservice callout look, in the webservice wsdl document the field is defined as app is waiting the date value in format dd mm yyyy but salesforce sends it datetime format for soap web service wsdl with php datetime format for soap web service wsdl with php which will return a iso date, which is whats expected by the web service. php.