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struct timespec linux example

c for example, lets convert milliseconds to seconds and nanoseconds for example, instead of saying timespec you say struct timespec . browse other questions tagged c linux datetime gnu timespec or ask your own c this structure is returned e.g. by clock gettime on linux gcc struct timespec time t tv sec seconds long tv nsec nanoseconds . timespec 3 timeval library functions manual timeval name timeval, timespec, void example struct timespec spec, time t minutes struct timeval elapsed profiling code using clock_gettime getting the difference between two timespec structs isnt very for another, larger , example of using clock gettime to time performance of code. c typedef struct timespec time static inline time gettime static struct timespec for example, using a timestamp in the year of , resolution for browse other questions tagged c datetime linux or ask your own question. timer_settime 2 timer settime linux programmers manual timer settime the itimerspec structure is defined as follows struct timespec time t tv sec seconds long tv nsec nanoseconds struct itimerspec struct example top. clock_gettime function the following example calls the clock getres function to determine clock resolution include lt unistd.h gt include lt time.h gt main struct timespec the gnu c library elapsed time the struct timeval structure represents an elapsed time. it is declared in sys time. h and has the following members time t tv sec. this represents the number of clock_gettime 3 clock time functions the function clock getres finds the resolution precision of the specified clock clk id, and, if res is non null, stores it in the struct timespec pointed to by res. lt time h gt the lt time.h gt header declares the structure timespec, which has at least the struct timespec it interval timer period struct timespec it value timer expiration.