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sql stored procedures example

create a stored procedure this topic describes how to create a transact sql stored procedure by using copy and paste the following example into the query window and click execute. sql server stored procedure tutorial a stored procedure is nothing more than prepared sql code that you save so you can reuse the code over and over again. so if you think about a query that you creating a simple stored procedure as mentioned in the tutorial overview a stored procedure is nothing more than stored sql code that you would like to use over and over again. in this example how to create a sql server stored procedure with parameters so in this example we use the null option to allow you to not pass in a parameter value. if we create and run this stored procedure as is it will not return any sql server for example, a stored procedure can be used to insert , delete or update a sql statement. for example, the below stored procedure is used to sql server stored procedures i will give you a place to start, teach you techniques beyond the basic hello world , and walk you through examples. i learned how to write stored procedures t although microsoft sql server has many system provided stored procedures, you can create your own. creating your own t sql stored introduction to creating basic stored procedures in sql server 2008 span class f span class nobr span class nobr min span class nobr uploaded by joes pros sql trainingsget your first month for just with code youtube . visit www.joes pros.com must redeem by pl sql tutorial how to write stored procedures in pl sql. what is a stored procedure the below example creates a procedure employer details which gives the details tsql in t sql stored procedures for input parameters explicit in keyword is not required and then, you can call the sp like this way, for example