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sqlplus date display format i have a date column dt in table a. by default, sqlplus shows only the date portion of it. is there an option in sqlplus to show the time portion oracle dates you were close, but you need the timestamp equivalent alter session set nls timestamp format dd mon yyyy hh mi ss.ff . it would sql setting the date format really simplifies dealing with dates. i have the following in my login.sql script which sql plus runs automatically . oracle dates and times the conversion is done by a function to char, according to a date format. oracles to something you like by issuing the following command in sqlplus insert date value along with the default date format date insert date value along with the default date format. sql gt sql gt create table company events event name varchar , event date date table created. formatting columns column sql plus session environment if your column contains a date, you can use any of the date formats. for example, mm dd yyyy sets the format to a two digit month mm , a two digit day dd , sqlplus date format im trying to run a .bat file that through sqlplus creates a .csv file. my problem is the date format, i need the date format dd mm yyyy but it formatting data in spool files in sqlplus how can i edit the date format and the position of the date that one before the ttitle in a sqlplus report the spool file thank you very much sql plus i am using sql plus. i dont want the results sent to the command window. i want the results only sent to the spool file. how do i set this in the oracle date functions the oracle date function sysdate returns the current date and time in the default the most common uses of sysdate dont use a date format model