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ruby string split example

class string ruby 2 2 0 returns a new string object containing a copy of str. in this example . the string is split into paragraphs delimited by multiple successive newlines. ruby split string examples this ruby article shows the split method. it uses string and regular expression delimiters and tests performance. how to use string split in ruby string is ex test , test , test , test , test . when i use ex.split , .first try this first, rest ex.split , . now first will be the first value, rest will be split string split. importance . ruby latest stable v notes class string that string split returns an array, its reverse operation is array join. example rubymonk the method the ruby string api provides for this is string split. let us begin by now lets look at an example that replaces all the vowels with the number . splitting strings in ruby this delimiter will be removed from the output and an array of strings split on the delimiter will be returned. so, in the following example, assuming the user input using the split method in ruby one of the most basic string manipulation actions is to split a string into multiple sub strings. this would be done, for example, if you have a string like foo, bar, ruby strings ruby strings learning ruby in simple and easy steps a beginners tutorial file, i o, functions, objects, tk, ranges, iterators, arrays, strings, methods, blocks, whenever the pattern matches a zero length string, str is split into individual gfx monk quick hand count who knows what string.split does the stupid thing about this example is that there is absolutely no need to treat as a split the string here i have to get the first fields as integer and the third as string read on split, arrays, and enumerators. this is just a simple example,