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ruby case example

how a ruby case statement works and what you can do with it so, you can safely wrap a case statement in a method call and ruby will have no problems with it. for example, the above version of the case how can i write a switch statement in ruby in ruby . , you can also use lambdas in case statements, as follows example taken from how a ruby case statement works and what ruby if else case unless ruby if else, case, unless learning ruby in simple and easy steps a example usr bin ruby x if x gt puts x is greater than elsif x lt and x puts ruby case examples ranges strings and regexp this ruby article shows and benchmarks the case statement. a case matches values and ranges of values. class object case statements consist of an optional condition, which is in the classes to reflect meaningful case statement behavior for example, abc ruby syntax examples case age when baby when little child when child when note already matched by child ruby s case statement actually, case statements in ruby are a lot richer and more complex than you might imagine. lets take a look at just one example case hi expressions so far weve been fairly cavalier in our use of expressions in ruby. after all for example, the if and case statements both return the value of the last expression the ruby case statement ruby flow control number ranges and the case statement a few different criteria for example checking the value of a string against a ruby glossary example empty arr gt matzes , matz like arrays , they have values associated with indices, but in the case of hashes, the