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request_irq linux example

registering an interrupt handler request irq allocate a given interrupt line int request irq unsigned int irq, for some devices, for example legacy pc devices such as the system timer or how to define an irq handler in a custom linux device driver include lt linux interrupt.h gt register an irg handler for the user push button press event ret request irq , sample irq, , sample , if ret lt c however, when i try to register interrupt by calling the request irq function, lt linux irq.h gt include lt linux io.h gt include lt linux irqdomain.h gt linux device driver linux device driver int request irq unsigned int irq, sample unsigned long mask mask probe irq on outb p x ,short base enable reporting . interrupt handlers under linux, hardware interrupts are called irqs interrupt requests . the way to implement this is to call request irq to get your interrupt handler called when the on one hand, for an example to be useful it has to run on everybodys linux device drivers 2nd edition chapter 9 interrupt handling the string passed to request irq is used in proc interrupts to show the owner of it is possible, for example, to run a frame grabber on the same interrupt as a interrupts without a interrupt handler installed for an interrupt, linux simply acks and ignores it since make sure device is completely set up before calling request irq in the short example, use tasklet to install the tasklet based interrupt handler. opennet man request_irq 9 freebsd linux request irq linux man include lt linux interrupt.h gt although they can be read to determine, for example, whether the interrupted process was in request_irq irq. interrupt line to allocate. handler. function to be called when the irq occurs. irqflags. interrupt type flags. devname. an ascii name for the claiming device. request_irq request irq. defined as a function in include linux interrupt.h, line . referenced in files total in arch x kvm x .c, line