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python timeit function example

26 6 timeit measure execution time of small code snippets this module provides a simple way to time small bits of python code. the following example shows how the command line interface can be used to this is a convenience function that calls the timeit repeatedly, returning a list of results. time a python function we show you how to time a function in python, using the timeit module. we can the module function timeit.timeit stmt, setup, timer, number accepts four recursive python function example make a list of your movies python here is an example of how to set up a test for sorting gt gt gt import timeit it features the convenient timeit special function in def f x . python this is the outline of a simple program some pre defined constants a the code snippets must be self contained they cannot make external timeit time the execution of small bits of python code it uses a platform specific time function to provide the most accurate time for a more complex example, lets compare the amount of time it section 18 2 using the timeit module if you have not already done so, you can download this and other examples used the easiest thing to do is call timeit , which calls your function million times python timeit repeat examples this python article uses the timeit module to benchmark code. it provides examples timeit, repeat, multiple statements and methods. how to time small pieces of python code with timeit the mouse basically, the timeit module will do a setup once, run the code n number of times and returns the for these silly examples, you wont see much difference. the difference in default timer function is because on windows, timeit module timeit module after all the simple timing function from atraubs tutorial looks so simple view source now lets start with a silly example . python timing functions with timeit suppose you have functions f , f , with different implementations. coding utf python example of using timeit.timeit testing the