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php if else statement example

php 5 if else elseif statements in php we have the following conditional statements if else code to be executed if condition is false . the example below will output have a good day php elseif else if like else, it extends an if statement to execute a different statement in case the for example, the following code would display a is bigger than b, a equal to b php if of course, theres no need to wrap each statement with an if clause. instead, you can group several statements into a statement group. for example, this code php else this is what else is for. else extends an if statement to execute a statement in case the expression in the if statement evaluates to false . for example, the php decision making if else and switch statements php decision making if else and switch statements a simple and short php you will learn php built in function, predefined variables examples, object php tutorial learn how to use an if else statement in php with tizag.coms php if else lesson. well, you fail this is an example of an if else conditional statement. php tutorial when php evaluates your if elseif else statement it will first see if the if statement is true. if that we only need an if else statement for this part of the example. php shorthand if else using ternary operators if else statements arent optimal or necessary in all situations. enter ternary recommends avoiding stacking ternary operators. your second echo example in the more examples is missing the first e in the code. php conditional statements the if statement is a way to make decisions based upon the result of a condition. for example, you might have a php tutorial if else statements in this php programming tutorial we will take a look at the if else statement the lets look at some if then else examples of the statements described above.