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perl tutorial example

examples what can be done with perl these are just a few simple examples of what you can do with perl modules. email. gt sending an email gt validate an email. files. practical perl programming latest perl version and further up to date information. the latest stable release of perl is . for example, it doesnt have cgi built in anymore. detail on perl tutorial a basic program perl tutorial a basic program. here is the basic perl program that well use to get started. usr local bin perl program to do the obvious print hello world. perl tutorial perl tutorial for beginners learning perl in simple and easy steps a beginners before you start practicing with various types of examples given in this example scripts in perl, comments are set off with the character. anything following the to the end of the line is a comment. for example this illustrates a comment. beginner s introduction to perl in this first part of our series, youll learn a few basics about perl and see a for example, the character sequence n is a newline character code examples code examples. csc perl. this page links a large number of small code examples for use in lecture. basic constructs. o, perl hello, world o hello again . perl examples some of the links are to sites on the internet, and others are examples used in mr. perl tutorial a thinkquest entry written by tj student, joshua blake, perl tutorial free perl tutorial for people who need to maintain existing perl code, for the package also includes the source code of all the examples and exercises. perl babysteps 1 your first simple script note this copy of the tutorial has been going stale as perl moves on. there is another for example, on day one you show them comments.