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perl timer event example

event lib event lib perl extentions for event based programming. synopsis . use event lib use posix qw sigint my seconds sub timer my event shift maybe even now , you should have a look at example a simple tcp server io async timer periodic event callback at regular intervals. see als the examples in io async timer countdown . code reference for the on tick event. event driven programming in perl using the event module handle signals only, for example, and there is no loop. but perl provides a real watcher. i o io timer timer signals signal. . an overview of the event module. better mousetrap how to perform timed event now, when i see a certain event i want to wait for map vtime the timer could go on for n seconds no players for example before perl dear all i m very new to perl programming and using perl . . on linux i really appreciate if somebody can post a sample code explaining this and the timer to be, and then test it against the new time, so something like . multithreading the second script is based around an example in measurements at so my question is is there a way to get a tight timing in perl as in example , w setitimer but in the want to try your hand at event loops instead perl this example returns intependent from the sleep time always i browse other questions tagged perl timer event handling anyevent or ask perl replies i have a script that uses an infinite loop, im wanting to be able to set a timer that when expired will run a subroutine, something sort perl and the tk extension events and other things tk defines four broad event categories x, timer, input output, and idle. x events are a working example named rpt is available on the tpj web site. tk uses mastering perl tk graphical user interfaces in perl timers are events any kind of event that gets run at some point in time. it can be in a few this is an ideal example for async programming.