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perl convert date example

how can i change the date formats in perl use v . use posix qw strftime my date my times times , , date m a d d d z times times strftime fmt, sec, min, hour, mday, mon, year, wday , yday , isdst say strftime d b y, times making times is a bit ugly. how do i convert date format between dd description i provide a field for user to type in a date string, mostly in dd mm yyyy format, and store it later in mysql database, which uses date format more by use date format lt localtime time print time str template, time print strftime template, lt print time str converts time into an ascii string using the conversion specification given in template . perl string to date custom format yyyymmdd to dd note i wrongly tagged this as perl date manip. convert date format yyyymmdd to mm dd yyyy, nasirgondal, shell programming and perl date amp time perl date amp time learning perl in simple and easy steps a beginners tutorial try the following example to print current date and time in full format you can convert a given number of seconds into date and time string as follows manipulate dates and time with these 10 perl cpan modules when it comes to manipulating dates and times in perl it is often necessary for use this module when you need to re format your date and time values, this module provides routines to convert between different calendar datetime for details on this project please see http . these parse all sorts of different date formats, and youre bound to find something to start by creating an object in a specific zone and then convert it to the floating time zone. perl epoch converter routines how to convert epoch unix timestamps to normal readable date time using perl . getting current epoch time in perl converting from epoch to normal date in makes converting a number of human readable date time formats into epoch the many dates and times of perl these functions convert an epoch time into a set of components representing the date format module provides a few functions for formatting format date in perl the current date in perl in the format mm dd yyyy, how can i do this in perl source s format date perl mm dd yyyy https tzgw .