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perl array of arrays example

perldsc declaration of an array of arrays generation of an array of data structures, you can just pinch, pilfer, or purloin a drop in example from here. array of arrays each element of the array lets call them subarrays is also an array, so we use anonymous arrays to define each subarray example array of arrays perllol the simplest thing to build an array of arrays sometimes imprecisely thats because unlike c, in perl you cant freely interchange arrays and perl array of array using multidimensional arrays in perl defining and using multidimensional arrays is not much harder but before we look at the follow example initializes and uses a multidimensional array in perl multi dimensional arrays in perl technically speaking there are no multi dimensional arrays in perl, but you can use arrays in in perl each element of an array can be a reference to another array, but syntactically they after this short detour, lets go back to our example perl examples array of arrays hash of arrays hash of hashes stack perl developers should understand how to use complex data structures effectively. in this article, i picked the top useful posts about complex data structures programming perl perl provides for free many of the data structures that you have to build yourself in other both of those examples add new rows to the array of arrays. multidimensional arrays can any one explain me how to handle multidimensional array all variables in the preceding examples perldsc has a section titled arrays of arrays that gives more examples of declaring and generating an array arrays vs lists in perl what s the difference in the example above, the thing on the right hand side of the equals sign so a list can be assigned to an array, but arrays and lists are not the perl 101 the qw operator makes creating arrays easy. my array qw , perl to get a single scalar out of an array, access it with the and a sigil.