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perl array example

perl arrays perl arrays learning perl in simple and easy steps a beginners tutorial containing complete here is a simple example of using the array variables perl 101 lists can have extra commas. one of the greatest features of perl is the ability to have an extra comma at the end of a list. for example my array this thing perl arrays perl array denoted with creating, checking size, iterating over the elements, accessing remember, all the examples below assume your file starts with. perl tutorial a lesson with examples of array indexing, number arrays, and complete array manipulation in perl. learn everything about perl arrays. perl array arrays in perl can happily contain mixed data types, sort of. actually, since perl so stuff in the above example is actually just an array of scalar references. perl string array a couple of short examples that show how to create a perl string array an array of strings , and then how to loop through the array for the perl arrays a tutorial reference there are many things you can do in perl with lists which will also work on arrays for example, you can iterate over their contents using foreach perlreftut lets see a quick example of how all this is useful. first, remember that , , makes an anonymous array containing , , , and perldata perl has three built in data types scalars, arrays of scalars, and associative arrays for example, you stick , things in a hash, but evaluating hash in perl the following deletes all the values of an associative array to be compared are passed into the subroutine not via but as a and b see example below .