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payroll worksheet template is a payroll worksheet sample that shows the process of designing payroll worksheet example. A well designed payroll worksheet template can help people to design payroll worksheet document.

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A well designed payroll worksheet theme can make all your Word and Excel or PowerPoint document follow same format and style. Microsoft Office provides many built-in themes, however, you may design your own payroll worksheet theme based on your own needs. A theme is usually comprised of 6 accent colors, a headline font, a body font, and a set of effects. To create a new payroll worksheet theme, you should first choose a set of effects, you can open the effects dropdown near the left side of the ribbon and select the theme effects, there are 3 options to choose: simple effect, moderate effects and intense effect. Next, you need to choose two font style for payroll worksheet heading font and body font, the payroll worksheet body font should be something easily readable. Choosing payroll worksheet theme colors is the hardest process, the first four colors are used for text on either light or dark backgrounds, the next six colors are used for chart fills, SmartArt themes, fill color choices and so on. When developing sample design, it is important to consider different variations.

After you have made all necessary changes to the payroll worksheet colors, effects, fills, body fonts and heading fonts, it is important to save the customized payroll worksheet theme so that you can apply to other documents. The first step is to open the Page Layout tab in the ribbon, find the Themes button and click Themes button, the second step is to save the customized theme, the system will instruct you to give a file name and file location. after you give your customized payroll worksheet theme a name, the custom payroll worksheet theme is saved in the Document Themes folder and is automatically added to the list of custom themes for future use. You also need to consider different applications of the template.

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