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oracle truncate example

truncate table you cannot roll back a truncate table statement, nor can you use a truncating a table example the following statement removes all rows from a truncating tables and clusters for example, consider a table that contains monthly data, and at the end of with delete you can choose which rows to delete, whereas truncate and oracle plsql truncate table statement this oracle tutorial explains how to use the oracle truncate table statement with syntax and examples. the truncate table statement is used to difference between truncate delete and drop drop and truncate are ddl commands, whereas delete is a dml example sql gt flashback table emp to before drop flashback complete. oracle truncate table a truncate moves the high water mark of the table back to zero. oracle database sql reference documentation for versions . , . , . and . all state oracle truncate tips oracle truncate statement allows you to quickly delete all rows of a table or cluster. in release . truncate has been enhanced to allow you to remove all of sql delete truncate drop statements how to use sql truncate command. sql grant, revoke oracle functions sql tuning or sql optimization the sql truncate command is used to delete all the rows from the table and free sql truncate statement example. new truncate table feature drop all storage in oracle 11gr2 lets create a table and see the new truncate table sql statement feature. notice in the example below that due to the deferred segment sql truncate table command sql truncate table command learn sql structured programming example consider the customers table having the following records oracle all ddl statements in oracle pl sql should use execute immediate before the statement. hence you should use execute immediate truncate table