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mysql boolean data type example

mysql 5 7 reference manual 11 10 using data types from other which mysql datatype to use for storing boolean values i use tinyint in order to store boolean values in mysql. bit is only advantageous over the various byte options tinyint, enum, char if you have a lot of boolean fields. one bit field still takes up a full byte. two bit fields fit into that same byte. mysql it uses the smallest integer data type tinyint. the boolean and bool are equivalents of tinyint , because they are synonyms. the newest mysql versions have the new bit data type in which you can specify the number of bits in the field, for example bit to use as boolean type, because it can be only or . how to insert bool value to mysql database i am trying to insert values into a bool data type in mysql v . . but the insert statement just inserts zero to the boolean column how can we add boolean datatype in mysql query browser i am trying to add a boolean column using edit table in mysql bool and boolean are synonyms of tinyint in mysql. see mysql mysql 5 7 reference manual 11 10 using data types from other data type mapping occurs at table creation time, after which the original type specifications are discarded. for example mysql gt create table t a bool, b float , c long varchar, d numeric query ok, rows affected . sec how to understand the mysql boolean data type feb tinyint is the supported data type, and bit , bool , and boolean are synonyms for the base data type. heres an example in mysql bool boolean datatype feature request mysql mysql accepts bool and boolean as synonyms for tinyint it would be great if heidisql would add a section similar to logical in the datatype list and list bool and boolean there. for example, if you have this table choosing mysql boolean data types jun choosing mysql boolean data types. ive seen this example before, and changing to enum true,false both addresses no code changes mysql data types mar mysql data types bool values true and false mysql keywords are supported but converted to and , respectively example