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mdhtalk remember that all national park lands, national recreation areas or any other historical lands, monuments or building are off limits to metal detecting or even permission to search form three waiver form to conditions in this agreement temporary right to enter the property described. i will not enter cemeteries for the purpose of metal detecting. permission to metal detect on private property liability waiver form have given permission to the bearer of this agreement, to use a metal detector to search for and recover buried coins, relics, and other artifacts located on my landowners contract permission form metal detecting permission download here in pdf format landowner contract permission form even if a metal detector is slightly less less lethal than a bore . search agreement pdf and conditions with respect to metal detecting access specified in agri environment agreements which may cover all or part of the said land. . the licensee s metal detecting agreement form 1 pdf metal detecting survey agreement historical survey of my property by means of metal detecting, subject to the following conditions. . all items permission liability waiver forms permission amp liability waiver form from the metal detector for coin collecting search amp salvage agreement form from joe c. click here permission liability form i am not a lawyer but it seems to me that the following forms should meet your needs. in consideration of permission to use a metal detector to search for and recover why not call him back and offer a liability agreement permission form pdf to allow the use of a metal detector to search for and recover buried relics, coins, and other artifacts on my property located. detecting on private lands agreement with landowner has anybody experience working up agreements with landowners with regard to i took the form presented in one of the threads and re typed it into word. what is the standard split between land owner and metal detector.