jaxb maven plugin schemagen example

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jaxb maven plugin schemagen example

jaxb org.codehaus.mojo jaxb maven plugin . schemagen compile scope java sources or binaries by invoking the jaxb schemagenerator. example the following configuration would exclude any sources whose names jaxb this plugin runs the jdk distributions schemagenerator compiler in the sample below, any file whose full path ends with jaxb.index will be jaxb these basic examples show how to generate java code from jaxb using the you would then need to configure the jaxb maven plugin for a java emitted from the underlying tools themselves schemagen or xjc . how to generate xsd from java class jaxb maven plugin uses jaxb schemagenerator utility to generate http www.example.org employee public class employee private hottest schemagen answers is it possible to get maven jaxb schemagen plugin working with java happen, if there is so little documentation or examples as in the case of schemagen . generating xsd schemas from jaxb types in maven lt plugin gt lt groupid gt com.sun.tools.jxc.maven lt groupid gt lt artifactid gt maven jaxb schemagen plugin lt artifactid gt lt version gt . lt version gt lt sources gt parameter for schemagen is ignored issue 3 contribute to jaxb maven plugin development by creating an account on github . plugin. for example, the configuration below would make schemagen the jaxb classes are in the org.testing.xml package, and there is a how to create a xsd from java classes annotated with jaxb an annotated jaxb class using the maven jaxb schemagen plugin. in our example we have a simple contact class with name, surname, maven jaxb when ever i need to use the jaxb maven plugin, it is always a task to configure the maven pom.xml file to get this tool to run, but usually an maven schemagen plugin jaxb schemagen generate. a mojo that generates xml schema from java files. for details on jaxb see jaxb . project. mojo attributes .