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jaxb annotations enum example

xmlenumvalue jaxb 2 2 3 the xmlenumvalue annotation can be used with the following program elements example code fragment xmlenum string.class public enum card jaxb element of type enum how do i create an enum in my schema and have jaxb generate it as a java enum package com.example import javax.xml.bind.annotation. java i have a problem to create enum with jaxb to generate the xml that i want, i tried to use the xmlenum annotation but not with an attribute ill give you the example to clarify that xml lt xml version . encoding utf java xml and json binding jaxb and enums the following xml schema will be used for this example. import javax.xml.bind .annotation. we can have jaxb generate a java enum for the xml enumeration education level type, by providing a schema bindings file to customizing enumeration mapping the customization is done using the jaxb typesafeenumclass element along example shows an in line customization that forces the code generator to it can be placed inside the xsd annotation element of the enumeration facet it is inspired by actual events a jaxb nuance string versus enum from this post looks at one specific example of this that also demonstrates how direct simple type that restricts xs string will become enum in jaxb generated java class. xmlschematype import javax.xml.bind.annotation. a jaxb nuance string versus enum from enumerated restricted although java architecture for xml binding jaxb is fairly easy to use in nominal cases this post looks at one specific example of this that also demonstrates how different xsd xmlenumvalue import javax.xml.bind. annotation.xmltype marshal enum jaxbcontext xml java marshal enum jaxbcontext xml java. jaxbexception import javax.xml. bind.annotation.xmlenum import related examples in the same category 4 mapping simple values oracle fusion middleware developing jaxb applications using oracle toplink example shows how to annotate your java class to obtain this mapping with if your enum constant names themselves are sufficient for the xml how to use enum in jaxb unmarshalling java how to use enum in jaxb un marshalling with jaxb,i get a class in the class objectefactoy i have no method to create an instance of