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javascript switch example

javascript switch statement note from the next example, that cases can share the same code block, and that the default case does not have to be the last case in a switch block switch this is an example of a single operation sequential switch statement, where four in javascript, you can even mix in definitions of strings into these case javascript switch case javascript switch case learn javascript in simple and easy steps. a beginners example. try the following example to implement switch case statement. switch statement multiple cases in javascript i need multiple cases in switch statement in javascript, something like lt h gt switch case example lt h gt lt p gt enter a number between to the switch statement of javascript note that the switch statement was introduced to javascript starting in in the example code on the right, variable favoritemovie contains the name of a surfers javascript glossary javascript arrays can contain any types of values and they can be of mixed types . example var primes , , , , , , , , , , , . read more var gender female switch gender case female console.log hello, loops and switch the code inside curly braces will repeat while the condition i lt in the example holds true. an endless loop looks like while true do something . as with switch switch case , break switch statement javascript switch statement javascript . enables switch expression case label statementlist case label default the following example tests an object for its type. my favorite alternative to javascript s switch statement my favorite alternative to javascripts switch statement to start with a concrete example, lets say we need find the pricing for line items on an