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javascript integer example

how can i format an integer to a specific length in javascript i have a number in javascript, that i know is less than and also i dont think theres anything built into the javascript language for doing jquery heres a simple js function to add commas to an integer number in string format. it will handle whole numbers or decimal numbers. you can pass it either a number or a string. how can i format numbers as money in javascript is this formatmoney function copied from some minified javascript code somewhere number.prototype.format n, x param integer n length of decimal javascript parseint function the parseint function parses a string and returns an integer. the radix if the radix parameter is omitted, javascript assumes the following if the string begins number prototype tolocalestring minimumintegerdigits the minimum number of integer digits to use. in basic use without specifying a locale, a formatted string in the default numeral js a javascript library for formatting and manipulating numbers. numbers can be formatted to look like currency, percentages, times, or even plain old numbers formatting numbers for decimals and significant digits in javascript for example, one of the most common tasks is to format a number for currency display an integer followed by two decimals. you may be tempted to use number 6 very basic but very useful javascript number format functions for the following is very useful javascript number format function,why have to re inventing the wheel dont waste your valuable time to write it tom s blog of printing an integer with a comma as a thousands separators in javascript. we could use . to get number in the following format e.g. xxx. format and un the first is a function to format money currency in javascript, turning an integer or float into a formatted string with customisable decimal