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java locale example

creating a locale the java tutorials gt internationalization the locale.builder utility class can be used to construct a locale object that conforms to the ietf bcp syntax. for example, to specify the french language java util locale example there are many ways to create a locale object. as of jdk , there are four ways to create a locale object. in the following example, we will see java internationalization locale this tutorial explains how the locale class in java works. this example creates a locale representing the danish language in denmark, and class java util locale an operation that requires a locale to perform its task is called locale sensitive and uses the locale to tailor information for the user. for example, displaying a java util locale class java.util.locale class learning java.util packages in simple and easy have been explained with examples for beginners to advanced java programmers. java util locale tostring method example java.util.locale.tostring method example learning java.util packages in simple and easy steps a beginners tutorial containing complete knowledge of all java locale class example a locale is a set of parameters which represents specific locale such as geographic region or political region that shares the same language how to get locale from its string representation in java method that returns locale from string exists in commons lang library i tested this on java with all the examples given in the locale. jsf 2 the locale constants have all only the language set, not the country. locale. english.tostring for example returns en while new locale fi , locale examples here is an example to specify the belgium french with euro currency locale c java does not support the form locale xx yy zz , instead use the form