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java implement iterator example

simple example of an iterable and an iterator in java i was a ta for a first year java programming course this year. iterator public class range implements iterable lt integer gt private int start, end java public class examplesiterator implements iterator lt vector gt private list lt vector gt examples arraylist lt vector gt will be set here private int index can we write our own iterator in java an iterator is just an implementation of the java.util.iterator interface. if youre using an existing iterable object say, a linkedlist from java.util java generics it is possible to use your own collection type classes with the new for loop. to do so, your class must implement the java.lang.iterable lt e gt java lang iterable interface example this is defined in java.lang package and was introduced with java . the following example class implements the iterable interface. java iterator package com.javapapers import java.util.arraylist import hence, any class that implements iterable will return an iterator. public interface implementing an iterator in implementing several kernel interfaces so far . iterator is an interface in the java libraries in the package java.util . iterable, you may write a for each. creating iterable objects using a for iterator import java.util.nosuchelementexception this class supports iteration of the characters that comprise a string. class iterablestring implements implementing iterable downloading html using java how and why to implement iterable and iterator in java, with an example of downloading html in java while iterating through a for each loop. after starting andreas grech s blog java s iterators and iterables public class gamecollection implements iterable lt game gt private vector lt game gt or better yet, make use of javas for each statement .