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postal codes in japan postal codes in japan are digit numeric. format is nnn nnnn, where n is a number. digit postcodes of japan. see also japanese addressing system japanese addressing system in addition to the address itself, all locations in japan have a postal code. after the reform of the format recommended by japan post is tokyo central post postal codes of japan zip codes postal codes of japan zip codes . a table according to the prefecture. data source japanese postal codes by japan post last data august , . how does the japanese addressing system work a prefecture can be one of four things in japanese, to , capital, for tokyo only , d , the first number is the postal code, is the subdivision of the ch , is the block all postal codes conform to a digit format xxx xxxx. japan postal code lookup by address city map zip code postcode lookup japan postal code zip code postcode of address, place amp cities in japan. japan postal code map will display the nearby searched postal codes. japan postal code, zip code of japan. postal codes in japan consist of numbers . eg japan address format english pdf format japan postal japanese, post codes and the postal system in japan information on sending and receiving mail, finding a japan postal zip code and how to write addresses in japan japan postal code list japan postal code list. a postal code known as a post code, postcode, or zip code is a series of digits appended to a postal address for the purpose of sorting need help with japan s postal code japan question forum need help with japans postal code . showing us the format she gave you the address we can help a bit more. what s the postal code for tokyo japan best answer upu address format in japan, the address is generally written on a single line, beginning with the largest geographical area and