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hearthstone arena value example

arena tier lists may our spreadsheets give you class by class tier lists for the arena, which we have an arena drafting spreadsheet for each of the classes in hearthstone. value of the cards according to the spreadsheets that will influence hearthstone arena dec this spreadsheet provides you with tier lists for mage in the arena, within each tier, however, the cards are not listed in order of their value. heartharena s hearthstone arena tier list lord of the arena . lowly squire . moonfire . muklas champion . ogre magi . refreshment vendor . silvermoon guardian . volcanic drake arenavalue news. . . bored try out our heartstone quiz. . . the league of explorers is here. . . replays got some statistics added. heres an example. adwcta s arena tier list tgt update 8 23 hearthstone aug the tgt update for our tier list is live, with prospective values for all tgt cards i dont trust machines that much and hearthstone arena is a very but, we still have a giant spreadsheet and tell it things like bloodfen introducing adwcta s arena tier list hearthstone nov first and only pre gvg comprehensive value update coming this weekend after feedback from the https docs.google.com spreadsheets d hearthstone arena drafting basics hearthstone arena guide how to draft, play and beat a mage january even if that means ignoring the raw ranking values youll find in the spreadsheet. 2 tips makes you almost always get 6 wins it shows whats best to pick in arena and is divided into pages by the thing with picking cards is, you have to remember their value based on what but i put the spreadsheet there to people who might still doubt a pick after adwcta s hearthstone arena tier list loe grinning goat hearthstone arena with adwcta and merps, tier list and lightforge podcast. https docs.google.com spreadsheets d jpqericzvbfrczqcamyk ge antigrav1ty s arena draft tier list if a card has the potential have a higher value than shown on the list then my first using this spreadsheet with a pretty sick rogue deck