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groovy string replace example

groovy goodness using the replaceall methods from string groovy adds two extra replaceall methods to the string class. we can use a closure to replace a value found with replaceall string, closure . groovy goodness command chain expressions for fluid dsls groovy how to replace a string word in a text file in groovy how to replace a string word in a text file in groovy with a given path then it makes a backup of the file and replace a word string from the file. here is the code i have used to try to replace a word see an example newsletter. simple groovy replace using regex simple groovy replace using regex replace is a java method of javas string, which replace a character with see an example newsletter. stringgroovymethods groovy 2 4 0 coerce a string an instance of charsequence to a boolean value. this string a character at a time collecting either the original character or a transformed replacement string. for example, if the regex doesnt match the result is null groovy string tutorial this tutorial will show how cool it is to work with string using groovy def str hello this is a multi line string example println str def groovy script to find and replace text david r heffelfinger groovy script to find and replace text. lately ive been reading a bit about groovy . replace the value of srcexp to a string or regular expression i could have made it a bit fancier , taking command line parameters and what not, but this using replaceall with groovy regular expressions string.replaceall can take regular expression pattern arguments. tried it with a groovy script and had a compile error. to take the string c abcd and convert it to c a b c d , just do s.replace , . dont use regexp. and, i thought, it would be easy backslash headache example that gets compile error help with groovy replace text there are also replace functions in groovy, but they are a bit more for a string defined in double quotes, you can place a statement inside a replace string in a file in groovy example github groovy usage the following example replaces the st occurrence of james in data.txt with user ,. the nd occurrence of james in data.txt groovy don t fear the regexp in groovy, the string class has been enhanced with a few replace methods for example, if we wanted to be able to turn a dashed phrase