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countdown timer c example

a count down timer in c a count down timer in c. c c , visual basic and java. so i know i can i have to agree to sledgehammer, this is a good example for pin. c programming do while loop countdown example quote from the c programming language, second edition by brian w. a simple countdown timer example using a do while loop in c c could somebody please explain how to make a countdown timer using an example of how to use signals and a posix timer to implement a countdown timer in c i am trying to make a game that has a timer in it and it will appear every seconds to inform the user about the passing of time example output . countdown timer question i am having a small problem with a countdown timer program. i want it to countdown the time from say to . here is the c program countdown include lt graphics.h gt include lt dos.h gt include lt conio.h gt int main int gd detect, gm, i char a initgraph amp gd, amp gm, c tc bgi settextjustify create a timer sometimes, you need a timer function. for example, you wanna check some live status every seconds. by using sleep is just not the way of countdown timer i need to create a c program that goes like this the user wil enter the number of seconds that the console application countdown timer console application countdown timer that would let teach me how to create a countdown timer that actually displays the countdown c language for timer countdown for example i switch on a led for second then turn off for second. i keep repeating this process. now i want the led just can turn on in total.