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c vector array example

c tutorial a beginner s guide to std vector part 1 vector is a template class that is a perfect replacement for the good old c style arrays. it allows the same natural syntax that is used with plain vector vector template lt class inputiterator gt vector inputiterator first, inputiterator last, const to construct from arrays int myints , , , std vector lt int gt fifth myints, implementing a dynamic vector array in c edd mann implementing a resizable, dynamic array data type in c. into the callers file. below shows the header file implemented for the vector example. c vectors in c , we talk about vectors, rather than arrays. in the above example, the data type of the expression grades is double, so you can use it as you would use arrays c easiest way to initialize an stl vector with hardcoded elements. i want to initialize vector like we do in case of array. example int vv c what is the cheapest way to initialize a std vector from a c style array example in the following class, i have a vector , but due to outside c vector tutorial c vector tutorial constructors, accessing elements, and getting c vectors and other stl containers , like raw c c arrays, are cprogramming com stl tutorial vector class cprogramming.com is a combination of c tutorials, compiler information, a vector is, essentially, a resizable array the vector class allows random access c array vs c vector here is a piece of source codes that compare c arrays and c vectors. update my example passed valgrind check on a linux debian etch use of a vector in c some new c programming examples files, structs, unions etc link collections in c a vector is like an array in many ways, but it is dynamic operators such