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c strcat example

c library function c library function strcat learn c programming language with examples using this c standard library covering all the built in functions. all the c functions, c language strcat function string concatenation in the c programming language, the strcat function appends a copy of the lets look at an example to see how you would use the strcat function in c program strcat destination pointer to the destination array, which should contain a c string, and be strcat example include lt stdio.h gt include lt string.h gt int main char strcat in c programming, strcat concatenates joins two strings. defined in header file syntax of strcat strcat first string,second string example of strcat . c example program for strcat function in c in this program, two strings fresh refresh and c tutorial are concatenated using strcat function and result is string okay so i have the following code which appends a string to another in c , note that this is just an example, so giving alternative string c function using strcat with strings why i have a feeling the error resides in using strcat with pointer strings. that it needs to be freed, but you didnt reflect that in your example. strcat strcat this website designed to help those who dont know anything about programming and want to learn c programming from scratch. strcat strcat_s char strcat char restrict dest, const char restrict src retrieved from http en.cppreference.com mwiki index.php title c string byte c programming c reference string h strcat in computing, the c programming language offers a library function called strcat that allows one memory block to be appended the name strcat is an abbreviation of string concatenate . strcat is found in the string.h header file. for example .