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c sprintf example

c library function sprintf the c library function int sprintf char str, const char format, sends formatted output to a string pointed to, by str. str this is the pointer to an array of char elements where the resulting c string is stored. the width is not specified in the format string, but as an sprintf c understanding how the sprintf function works in c as you can see, weve used the sprintf function to put the value of an integer variable into a character array. to learn more about arrays, strings and the other basics of the language, take a look at the other udemy posts on the topic. you can also take this course to learn to write your own c programs. sprintf composes a string with the same text that would be printed if format was used on printf, but instead of being printed, the content is stored as a c string in the a little c primer the c sprintf function instead of outputting to standard output, sprintf outputs to the string. for example csprntf.c include lt stdio.h gt int main char b int i float f printf you are calling printf without a format string argument this is because is an integer int , and youre telling sprintf to pretend that its a format data into string example. str sprintf formatspec , a , ,an formats the data in arrays a , ,an the syntax c creates a comma separated list of arrays that contain the using printf and sprinf in c we will extensively use the standard c functions printf and sprintf . it takes as arguments a format string and an optional list of variables or literals to output. std printf std fprintf std sprintf std snprintf n , s, s, , s std printf characters t c n , std printf integers n std printf decimal t i d . i i . i i u n , , , c language sprintf function formatted string write in the c programming language, the sprintf function writes formatted output to an f, displays a floating point number in fixed decimal format, . . sprintf 3 formatted output conversion the functions in the printf family produce output according to a format as described below. stream sprintf , snprintf , vsprintf and vsnprintf write to the character string str. the five flag characters above are defined in the c standard.