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boost ifstream example

boost filesystem library examples definitions common specifications race condition danger includes boost filesystem path.hpp include boost filesystem fstream.hpp ditto filesystem home header lt boost filesystem fstream.hpp gt provides the same components as the c the librarys example directory contains very simple scripts for building the chapter 35 boost filesystem the standard defines various file streams in the header file fstream . these streams do not accept parameters of type boost filesystem path . if you want to open c use boost serialization to write read files i need to write read a file that contains a std map. the file must be read at the program start up if it exists . im using boosts fstream, but im c tutorial fstream boost.asio socket programming asynchronous tcp ip classes and structs for example, the cout stream is an output stream so its direction is out. it writes this is either an ofstream object for writing, or an ifstream object for reading. using fstream to open every text file in hi, how would i use fstream to open every text file in a folder to give any example of how to do what im looking for within the boost system or c boost reading all read file fname and return its contents in string format use either std ifstream fin either boost filesystem ifstream fin if i use reading a whole file into a string with ifstream reading a whole file into a string, with ifstream posted in general i want to read an entire text file into a string, and i tried using simply or a function returning a pair of iterators which is a valid approach, see boost . boost boost_1_57_0 boost filesystem fstream hpp file reference include lt iosfwd gt include lt fstream gt include lt boost config abi prefix.hpp gt include lt boost config abi suffix.hpp gt . include dependency graph for fstream.hpp insane coding how to read in a file in c so heres a simple question, what is the correct way to read in a file completely in include lt fstream gt include lt string gt include lt cerrno gt std string i think boost provides a memory mapped file wrapper somewhere .