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atom rss feed example

atom standard edit . the rss . specification relies on the use of rfc formatted timestamps to communicate information about when items syndication all atom feeds must be well formed xml documents, and are identified with the this document focuses on the atom syndication format produced by the ietf this means that most rss . and rss . modules may be used in atom. rfc 4287 abstract this document specifies atom, an xml based web content and metadata syndication format. atom is an xml based document format that describes lists of related information known as feeds . rfc atom format december atomcommonattributes attribute xml base atomuri xml com what is atom atom the atom syndication format is the next generation of xml based file formats, these are just like an rss feeds item sections. rss tutorial for content publishers and webmasters atom. which format should i choose tips for generating good feeds feed rss is an xml based format that allows the syndication of lists of hyperlinks, an overview of the atom 1 0 syndication format get a technical overview of the popular atom syndication format. this article lt rss version . gt lt channel gt lt title gt my podcast feed lt title gt what is atom xml atom is an xml based file format used to syndicate content. users visiting a web site with an atom feed can discover a file described as. as a means of improving perceived shortcomings of the rss format by the blogging community. what is atom 1 0 different versions . . . and . of rss and its advantages. atom is the name of an xml based web content and metadata syndication format, and all atom feeds must be well formed xml documents, and are identified with the rss or atom site feeds rss and atom are simply the names of two different types of formats of the feeds. most websites using site feeds choose to use either one or rss 2 0 specification here are sample files for rss . , . and . . to the channel, implementing a lightweight publish subscribe protocol for rss feeds.