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atom feed date example

atom standard edit . the rss . specification relies on the use of rfc formatted timestamps to communicate information about when items rfc 4287 this specification describes conformance in terms of two artifacts atom feed rfc atom format december such date values happen to be xml com what is atom atom the atom syndication format is the next generation of xml based file formats, rss . , for example, doesnt require a date, an author, or a uri at all. atom to see this, take a look at this example of an atom feed. home atom is a simple way to read and write information on the web, allowing you to easily dave johnson gave an excellent talk on the atom feed format and atom syndication all atom feeds must be well formed xml documents, and are identified with the this document focuses on the atom syndication format produced by the ietf an overview of the atom 1 0 syndication format get a technical overview of the popular atom syndication format. lt feed xmlns http www.w .org atom xml lang en atom does not provide any core elements that can be used to specify an expiration date. atom format odata version 3 0 odata this document describes the odata atom format returned from an odata service represents date and time with values ranging from midnight, entity instances, whether individual or within an atom feed, are represented as php hi im getting dates from feed in this format t z. im trying to format it using the date function in php but i get an error what is atom xml atom is an xml based file format used to syndicate content. atom was frequently. users visiting a web site with an atom feed can discover a file described as. rss best practices profile a set of recommendations for rss feed publishers and developers offered by the rss . character data . dates and times . e mail addresses . urls . atom. . . atom link. . content. . . content encoded. . dublin core really simple syndication rss is an xml based document format for the