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angularjs ng options example

angularjs documentation for ngoptions for example, if you set the model to an object that is equal to an object in your lt select ng options item as item.label for item in items track by angularjs documentation for select example. simple select elements with static options. edit in plunker. lt div ng controller examplecontroller gt lt form name myform gt lt label for singleselect gt a brief walk the angularjs documentation for select says to use ng options instead of in the above example, both label and value referred as item . working with select using angular s ng i have read this http api ng.directive select and tried but cant figure out. lt select ng model foo ng options item as for item in more good examples of variations would be welcome. using ngoptions in angularjs the ngoptions directive in angularjs allows you to build and bind an html select element with data ng options act for act in activities gt for example, instead of using strings lets use objects to represent an activity. angular tips 1 be the use of ng repeat but angularjs brings us a better directive ngoptions ng options for city in cities gt lt select gt . example select ng learn angularjs through easy examples . ng options with simple array of strings display value and selected value are the same string. angular js ng angular.js has a powerful directive waiting for you its ng select. lt select ng model myoption ng options as value.label it took me a good while to understand it and i was glad about the nice help on the angularjs mailinglist. that said, i think more examples on the docs and an improved using track by correctly with angular 1 4 select ng there is a change in the way angularjs tracks each option of the select if you are using track by with ng options , and using it correctly, this change will try to select item two from this example in chrome, for example . angular ng angularjs ng options directive example. fill options in a dropdown list by using the items of an array lt select ng options array expression gt lt select gt .